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Our catalog currently features a selection of fine offset reproductions of nostalgic paintings by artist Dick LaBonté. Due to the passing of the artist, all signed works are now extremely limited. Please call or contact us directly if you wish to purchase a signed work. All images shown on this website are copyrighted. Please take a minute to review the artist's Conditions of Use.

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July Fourth, 1909

Bay Head Yacht Club in its early stages


Ladies' Doubles

A tennis game, an ice cream parlor long gone


Loading the Fish Freight

Picking up fish for shipment in 1900


Low Tide

Nursemaids watch their children play in the surf


Mantoloking Yacht Club at 100

Commissioned for the MYC's Centennial


Married at All Saints

All Saints Church, Bay Head, in 1913


Meeting the 5:42

Bay Head Junction, 1928


Miss America, 1924

Based on actual group photo of the contestants


Mixed Train from Philadelphia

Bringing summer passengers to the big resorts along the Jersey coast as well as freight. This scene is in 1910


Morning After Labor Day

What happens after the tourists return to their homes? The mermaids come out and play!


Morning Mist

Memories of the old Victorian house, long gone now, linger.


My Mother, My Sister and Me

This little gem was painted from a photograph taken by the artist's father around 1923, of the artist with his mother and sister.


The New Church

St. Paul's United Methodist Church, built in Bay Head in 1904.


The New Clubhouse, 1929

The Bay Head Yacht Club's new clubhouse constructed in 1929 still stands, with many modifications.


The New Fire Truck, 1948

The Bay Head Fire House and old Borough Hall


New Trier High School Class of '39

A 61st reunion souvenir of the artist's high school class.


Ocean View, 1892

Well known old hotel in the dunes of the Jersey Shore before the turn of the century.


Old MacDonald's Ark

Most paintings of Noah's Ark slight the domestic animals. Here the famous farmer loads his animals aboard, two by two.


On the Manasquan

Sailing on the Manasquan River.


A Rainy Day at the Seashore

The small town movie theaters are long gone, but people still seek out a good movie on a rainy day at the seashore.



One-room schoolhouse in Bay Head


Rigging Up

Women preparing for a race in the big Barnegat Bay Sneakboxes of 1910.


Rising Tide

An old New Jersey Victorian house in the background while children rush to finish the sandcastle before the tides take over (1909).


Rose/Van Duyne Regatta

Named for two former club officers, this annual end-of-season event at the Bay Head Yacht Club draws many entrants in several sailing classes.

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