Dick LaBonté Anchor & Palette Gallery

Dick LaBonté Originals for Sale

Occasionally an original Dick LaBonté acrylic painting comes up for sale. Not too many. Most collectors hold on tight to them, not necessarily for monetary value, but because of the historical value, and of course, the light-heartedness that we all crave. If you haven't seen one of his originals, try and stop by a gallery that has one on display. Most are larger than the prints, much more vibrant, and well, just worth the visit.

This original painting, titled "A Mantoloking Bower House" was painted in 1980, when the artist was 59, about two years into his painting career. He would research the history of the area, looking for unusual subjects from the local towns. He discovered a photograph of a bower house in Mantoloking and decided to use one as a "prop" for this painting.

Mantoloking once had a boardwalk along most of its length, but for a couple of blocks the walk was brick. And in front of some of the oceanfront houses there were "bower houses" made of cedar boughs. Along with creating paintings with a bit of history, artist Dick LaBonté enjoyed adding interesting characters to his paintings, creating a storyline for each one. In his book At the Shore with Dick LaBonté, published in 1993 by the artist, he suggests one scenario: "Here the maid would serve tea of an afternoon and perhaps hold trysts with her boyfriend of an evening. I understand these are now against the law there. The bower houses, that is." The sea captain strolling along the walk may be thinking about the schooner out at sea. And Murphy, the little red-headed boy in most of LaBonté's paintings, is up to no good, as usual. Can you find him?