Dick LaBonté Anchor & Palette Gallery
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Low Tide
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Sunday Bathers
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At the Garden of Allah
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Cocktails at the White House
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Wedding by the Sea

Welcome to the Anchor & Palette online gallery, the source of Dick LaBonté prints. While you can purchase most of the prints displayed here, the main purpose of this website is to introduce you to the world the artist created during the last thirty years of his life. This world is much different than the world we live in today, although it is my hope that a little of the brightness and happiness in these images will stay in your thoughts, and perhaps you will smile a little more each day because of your visit to our gallery.

Each painting has a story, and if you click on the image, you will find a more detailed description; a combination of actual historical facts and LaBonté’s creative imagination. Some of the writing is from the artist’s book, Dick LaBonté: Paintings of the Jersey Shore and More, by Jersey Shore Publications. The rest I have added based on several books about the Jersey Shore and web searching.

To quote the artist, “When you look at my pictures, you are not supposed to wear a serious expression. You are expected to smile, perhaps wistfully and with a sense of loss. Often while I paint I laugh aloud. You have my permission to do likewise.” (an excerpt from the book, At the Shore with Dick LaBonté, ©1993 by Richard H. LaBonté). To read the full text, click here.