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Our catalog currently features a selection of fine offset reproductions of nostalgic paintings by artist Dick LaBonté. Due to the passing of the artist, all signed works are now extremely limited. Please call or contact us directly if you wish to purchase a signed work. All images shown on this website are copyrighted. Please take a minute to review the artist's Conditions of Use.

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Round 'N Round We Go

A carousel of the days when the animals were hand-carved and children could go for the brass ring.


Running Out

Bay Head's US Life-Saving Station in the 1890's.


Sacred Heart at Harris

Sacred Heart Church, Bay Head in its original location.



Imaginary Victorian cottages inspire both the land baron and the children building their own sand castle



The little birds that always just avoid the surf join some girls who just wanted to get their feet wet.


Say Cheese

The old Breakers Hotel (originally the Albertson) once in Mantoloking, NJ.


Sea Girt Light House

Sea Girt, NJ scene of the Parker House on left and Sea Girt Lighthouse on right.


September Beach

The Jersey beach in September has a special quality of light and air. The sun is low, and the steady breeze whips your face with grains of sand.


Shark Net

Nets of chicken wire were constructed to keep out the sharks for bathers. The old Bluffs Hotel of Bay Head is in the background.


Shore Birds

Little girls of a bygone day romp in the surf.


Six to Eight

As the sun goes down, the colorful social gathering begins.


Spring Lake, 1892

Spring Lake, New Jersey with one of its many famous hotels, the Hewitt-Wellington.


Spring Lake, 1904

Monmouth Hotel, Spring Lake, NJ.


St. Simons by the Sea

St. Simon's, the much loved seasonal church in Mantoloking, looked like this in the 1890s.


Summer Delights

Long before the Good Humor truck, horse-drawn (or hand-pushed) dispensaries served Jersey Shore towns.


Sunday Bathers

A day at the beach at the turn of the century.


Sunday Morning 1908

All Saints Church, Bay Head.


Sunday at 7

Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head.


Temperature 62

The Bluffs Hotel at the turn of the century.


The Trolley to the Mardi Gras

Trolley service in Bay Head began in 1903 and ran all the way to Clark's Landing on the Manasquan River in Point Pleasant


The Twenties

The Jersey Shore during a time of playful change: the 1920's.


We've Taken a House at the Shore

Shows the artist's sense of humor!


Wedding by the Sea

A romantic wedding in an oceanfront home, from an actual photograph in 1905.


Weekend Getaway

Driving to your favorite weekend getaway usually means traffic...but not without interesting distractions.


When Airships Sailed the Skies

Here is The Los Angeles heading out from Lakehurst over the Bay Head beach in the 1920s.

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