Dick LaBonté Anchor & Palette Gallery

Captain Chadwick's House

Captain Elijah Chadwick’s farmhouse dates from 1874, but this is about 30 years later. In the background you can see a gazebo-like waiting room at the end of the trolley line (see The Trolley to the Mardi Gras painting). The Bay Head Yacht Club building is at the end of Barnegat Bay on the right. The farmhouse was moved directly behind this site (this was on Main Street) on to Lake Avenue. Captain Chadwick owned about half of the blank acreage below Mount Street, the other half being owned by a retired sea captain, John E. Johnson. The acreage was between Mount Street and Johnson Street, previously named Osborn. The three founders of the Bay Head Land Company, David Mount, Edward Howe and William Harris, bought land north of the Life Saving Station (between Mount St. and Howe St.) and built their cottages there, on East Avenue, in 1878.

Image size: 10x22.

Giclee print. Limited edition of open. Unsigned.