Dick LaBonté Anchor & Palette Gallery

Bluffs Bar

A favorite gathering place for many years was the Bluffs Bar. Now gone, as is the hotel, left are just memories. Find a copy of "The Bluffs" by Francine LaVance Robertshaw, a wonderful book with so many memories it will take hours to read! A quote from her book, "There were rumors that The Bluffs was haunted, at least the bar, as it was primarily some of the barmen who believed this. Whatever it was they "witnessed" while all alone cleaning the bar late at night after everything was locked up must have generated this rumor. Whether you are a believer or not, The Bluffs somehow seemed the most logical place where a spirit might wish to reside...It would be comforting to know (the old Bluffs Bar) is waiting there for us to walk in that door at any moment, that every once familiar face, now gone, will turn around to see who just came in." Where've you been?!!

Image size: 8x16.

Giclee print. Limited edition of 400. Unsigned.